The Energy Anatomy of IIST

(Integrative Immune Strengthening Therapy)

with Robert Jokel, P.T.


Live Demonstration follows experiential workshop


If you will be attending this workshop and know of someone currently challenged by cancer that would like to participate in this live demonstration please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to set this up.



WHEN: Tuesday, May 13 from 7:30 PM to 10PM

WHERE: Upper West Side, NYC

COST: $75.00


This Evening seminar will be highly experiential and is limited to 12 students.


Come and Experience an evening of fun, healing, subtle energies and useful information in this highly experiential evening seminar. This work can be immediately integrated into your present work as a health professional.

  • develop and deepen your ability to perceive subtle energies
  • strengthen your center using IIST
  • enhance your understanding of the energy anatomy of IIST
  • learn how to encourage growth and healing from the inside-out using IIST

I want to share with you my passion and love for the body of work that I have named IIST.


I have tried many times to describe this work in words, but I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible. It must be experienced to be "understood."


What I suggest when people come to study with me is that they do their best not to try and fit this work into what they already know and have experienced. To suspend their judgments and to allow this work to be "outside the box." In this evening, I will explain the essence of IIST and why I believe this method often leads to such profound transformation and physical healing. I will use demonstrations, movement, sound, and written exercises to help you to experience this work.


This work has been of particular value to subtle energy practitioners, CST practitioners, and psychotherapists/psychologists. It is open to all licensed health professionals. I am especially interested in training health professionals that are working with or interested in working with people with cancer.


I am excited to share this work with you and look forward to meeting you!


Rob Jokel, P.T.


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