Come and Experience an Evening with Rob Jokel,

pioneer of IIST (integrative immune strengthening therapy)




WHEN: Wednesday, August 27 from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM

WHERE: Upper West Side, NYC

COST: $75.00


What does it mean to promote wholeness when you listen to another?

How is this done?

Why is being aware of subtle energy so helpful in this process?

What effect does listening in this way have on a person's immune system?

How do we clean up our vertical and horizontal energetics when dialoguing-with/listening-to another to help strengthen their immune system?

What is the difference in dialoguing with a person's "problem" vs. dialoguing with the "person" who that has the problem?

How do we train ourselves to see the beauty within a person's soul, their core, their essence, and center our sessions around this ... vs. ... centering our sessions around the person's pathology, their blocks, "what is wrong with them" ... ?

Gaining this knowledge of IIST will deepen the healing potential of the work that you already do.

We will also work with Qigong plus, aiki, and resonant fields to strengthen your center (or to challenge your center to be stronger) and help to strengthen and circulate your qi through your meridian system.

This work helps you to feel deeply relaxed and yet fully alive.

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