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Immune to Cancer


My dear friend, colleague, and mentor, Larry LeShan, died on November 10, 2020.

He was 100 years, 2 months, and 2 days old.

I feel his presence so strongly in my life.

Larry “was” 100…

It’s funny to say “was” as I still feel him here beside me as I write this. He may no longer be in his physical body…but for me…he is still here in “spirit.”

I met Larry in 1996 at The Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. He was teaching a workshop there on SUPERVISION for “seasoned” psychotherapists.

I knew of Larry because I used to teach workshops and a 3-year healing school, “Perceive and Heal the Human Energy Field,” in the 80s and 90s downtown on Canal Street. On the shelf there I saw a book by Lawrence LeShan, Ph.D….Cancer as a Turning Point. I read the back flap and it said that Larry had helped more than 50% of his patients with terminal cancer to survive 10 years or more. It seemed to state this statistic in a matter of fact way… very understated I felt.

How did the world…the mainstream…not know of his work. These results were phenomenal from my perspective! And I loved and respected RESULTS…especially miraculous results! Of course, I wondered if it were really true and if so, how did he do it? Could I get these results as well? I tried to find Larry and at the time was unable.

At some point in the 90s I began teaching “qigong+” workshops for people with cancer. Realizing my interest, a colleague gave me two audio tapes by Larry … Mobilizing the Life Force. She told me “I bought these tapes, but I think they were for you.” I listened to them right away. It was about Larry’s work with people who had late stage cancers…and I felt in complete agreement with EVERYTHING he said!

I agreed with all of his ideas on healing! If you know me, you know that never happens!

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Courageous woman overcomes aggressive breast cancer

I am sharing with you you a link to a video of Fiona, who was a client of mine several years ago.

She had aggressive breast cancer and did very well combining LFIT (LifeForce ImmunoTherapy) with her Oncological treatment.

Watch to see the results!

Dear friends and colleagues,

I want to describe to you my concepts on the difference between fixing and healing and ask that you “listen” as if what I am saying is outside of the box of what you already know. I believe this idea of listening outside of the box of what we already know is a key – not just to true understanding, but also to helping our clients grow. It allows us to give our clients the respect they are due; to respect that they, not we, are the true experts on who they are and what their dreams are.

Ok…my definitions of fixing and healing:

Fixing: (note: This was written specifically for energy medicine practitioners, but applies to all therapies for which communication, both verbal and non-verbal, is an integral part of the healing process.) A person comes in with physical and/or emotional and/or mental and/or spiritual pain. You talk with them, listen empathetically, and lay hands on, perhaps do a technique or two and after a few releases, miraculously, the person is free from pain and free to go back to their lives the way they were before they were in pain. This way of working is helpful to probably 80% of the population that are in pain. It is also, in a sense, easier to do personally. We can stay in our own “BOX” or what I call our “SMALL MIND” and be the expert healer/therapist/helper. We know what is wrong and we know how to fix it. We don’t have to venture out of our own BOX while we are working. As I say, this is a very effective way to help the majority of people that are in pain.

Healing: In nature everything grows, everything expands. I have organic apple, pear, cherry, and peach trees on my property. When they grow new wood and branches and they produce vibrant flowers and fruit, it is a sign of health. We are nature and we are also healthiest and enjoy life the most when we are growing and expanding! Just like in nature, if we are not growing, we are dying. So when we help people (or ourselves) to imagine a life, an adventure, that would give them more joy, more satisfaction and more meaning in a way that is in harmony with who they are as unique, one-of-a-kind individuals and then support them to take steps towards their dreams, this is what I call “HEALING”.

In this process I have learned a tremendous amount about the nature of DESPAIR and how it is often PAIRED with our DREAMS. Despair tells us that no matter what we do we cannot have our dreams. We cannot have what we long for…what we desire. So when we begin to imagine, with all of our senses, a life we would love MORE, we are beginning the process of putting out new branches on our tree with blossoming flowers and fruit, and we often run smack into despair – especially when we begin to think about taking concrete steps to more fully realize our dreams. My teachings are about helping ourselves and our clients to navigate the terrain of despair, fear, and anxiety so we can become more FREE through growing in the direction of our dreams.

Free audio seminar: The Lionheart Institute interviews Rob Jokel on fixing and healing in energy medicine!


This FREE audio seminar – in which Laura Fine, the director of the Lionheart Institute interviews me – includes many examples of when it is more effective to relate directly with the person’s DRIVER and when it is more effective to relate directly to the person’s VEHICLE.

The VEHICLE is a metaphor for our auric field.
The DRIVER is a metaphor for our soul.


This audio seminar explains the difference between fixing and healing and how understanding these principles will not only help you to achieve better results with your clients; it will also help you to avoid unintentionally being a disservice to those you want to help.

I have gotten very positive feedback from the participants that paid for this seminar and I wanted to share it with you.

See LifeForce ImmunoTherapy (LFIT) in Action!

  • Both women were diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Both women were fully engaged in their own healing process using LFIT.
  • Both women combined LFIT with their oncological treatment.
  • See oncologists and LFIT working together to maximize results.
Watch to see their results!

Immune to Cancer: Bringing the full strength of your immune system to the aid of your medical program

An upcoming self-help documentary film directed and produced by Robert Jokel.