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About LFIT

LifeForce ImmunoTherapy is a method by which we learn to CENTER more solidly within our soul. When we live with passion and purpose from our soul, often we maximize our immune system strength!

We all know the feeling of music, art and poetry when it touches our soul. When a client speaks about themselves and what they truly want out of life and it RESONATES with the vibration of what we describe as soul, we encourage it……..almost like biofeedback. And in this way, we help the individual to create a stronger connection to their authentic self. It allows space for their truly unique, one of a kind self, and allows their soul to emerge more fully. We have discovered that this way of working strengthens immune function. This often radically improves the chances for long term survival of an individual with cancer.

Stephen Covey, author of Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, would ask “What is deeply important to you?” Larry LeShan would ask “Who are you and what do you want out of life?” Jokel incorporates both of these views into his own, and asks about the vibration or the resonance of the soul, of a person’s core, their essence; and of purpose. He helps you to explore ways you can nurture your soul by enhancing your adventurous spirit, expressing creativity, giving and receiving love, and cultivating a more loving and accepting attitude towards yourself. Jokel strives to encourage the person to center in their soul, as he believes that is the true center of a human being. He believes all therapies, including psychotherapy, massage therapy, craniosacral therapy, physical therapy and acupuncture, have greater effectiveness when the practitioner encourages the person to center in their soul. Our energetic systems are intimately connected with our physical bodies, and our physical and psychological health. We are looking to support a greater sense of freedom to be your whole self as a way of enhancing immune strength.

Covey and LeShan both speak about the importance of the ability to say no to others. Covey sees it as a way to maintain your word to yourself and others, while LeShan sees it as crucial to having a strong immune system. Covey says that when you have a bigger yes burning inside you, it is easy to say no. This work is about creating a bigger YES inside you!

“This is beyond technique to the very soul of healing for the individual as well as the practitioner.”    

Zemaya Jones, P.T., Edgewater, MD