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Open and Closed Subtle Energy Systems and Their Geometry

The profound effect they have upon our physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual health

When I was 30 years of age I saw a green lightning bolt come out of someone’s shoulder. Spontaneously, I told this man his shoulder was healed because of what I had just seen.

Prior to this moment in time, I was voraciously studying, practicing, and teaching manual therapy based on joint biomechanics. I studied with many of the top authorities from around the world from the physical therapy, osteopathic, and chiropractic professions. I was going to be the best manual therapist possible!

Ok. Truth be told, I was going to be the best there was because I was so highly competitive at that time and it drove me – until one day I discovered this driving competitive dynamic in me, which worked so well in keeping me super passionate and motivated to learn more and to develop my ‘skills,’  was actually hardening my energy.

I had mixed feelings at that time. I was sad to be losing “an old friend” (that hard, competitive energy that drove me with such passion to be the best, that previously had seemed to be an essential part of who I was), but  I also was experiencing faith and a sense of knowing that, by softening more, I would become more effective at assisting people in their process of self healing.  It is now 35 years later and still I am continually learning this lesson – to soften.

Moments after the joyous and expansive experience of seeing the green lightning bolt, I contracted in fear. After all, I reasoned, “crazy people see things.” My scientific mind started looking to see where that green light might have come from. Something green that light might have reflected off of?

Before my experience, when someone told me about some therapy they wanted to interest me in, I wanted them to show me the double blind studies that proved its effectiveness. Now for me to believe a session is effective, I need to see or perceive a positive change in the geometry of a person’s subtle energies, as this has been correlated over and over again with increasing brightness of a person’s light, with more fulfillment in life, improvements in symptoms, and often improvements demonstrated by medical testing.

So, moving on from that green lightning bolt to where my work is today in regards to open and closed systems in relationship to the geometry of subtle energies. These are some of the subtle energy principles of healing that I have discovered from my ability to perceive subtle energies while working with clients. It give gives me great pleasure to share these insights with you!

1. Our thoughts, ‘stories’, pains and unprocessed undigested fears amazingly are able to construct a shell around us which gives us a false sense of safety and security (which of course we need until we strengthen our inner being and then naturally we will shed that shell like a lobster when it grows).

In my experience, if my client is truly growing in the direction of being more truly themselves and more engaged in life, I will perceive the geometry of their subtle energy shift. It shifts from trusting in their shell to trusting more and more in their core, identifying more and more as a soul and resonating more with the essence of who they are.

So their shell softens and the light from their soul expands beyond the limits of what was previously their shell. Their strength resides deeper in the center of their field of subtle energies. It creates a greater coherency and organization of their subtle energies and thus creates a more fertile ground for healing to occur.

This brings to mind a client I worked with over 20 years ago who had late stage lung cancer and was undergoing this process of personal transformation with me. She shared with me that she would walk into a room and people would tell her, “Oh my God, you’re glowing.”

Just imagine a planet that is rotating on an axis that is not through the center, but an axis that is located more towards the surface. This planet would wobble and shake until it broke apart. We are similar to planets. We do better if our lives rotate around the deep center within our being.

2. There is also a vertical component to an open system, a continuum of subtle energies from above our heads to below our feet. Inspiration comes in from ‘above’ and if it is to be manifested or realized in our physical reality it needs to ‘travel’ through our central channel/central axis into the earth.

Often these deeply important inspirations, that are so essential to our heart and soul, get ABORTED, somewhere along the way. For me those inspirations relate to a person’s Telos – The drive inside the acorn to become a mighty oak tree.

The drive inside a person to more fully fulfill their own potential, the potential that they were born for is their personal Telos. So when I am able to help a client resurrect this ‘inspiration’ or ‘dream’ and get back on the path of manifesting it, it creates a powerful open system. I perceive a greater coherency of the continuum in the subtle energy fields from above the individual’s head to below their toes. This as well has a profound effect on healing on every level.

3. Time is a continuum. Past, present and future are all in the present. I am convinced this is right because of the shifts I perceive in the geometry of people’s subtle energies. This is so very clear to me and, if you believe or were taught otherwise, I hope you will be open to hearing more about my belief in a future newsletter. In my experience, it is profoundly important to physical healing.

I see the past as behind the person and the future in front of them and the ability to resonate fully with both, from a place firmly anchored in the present, creates greater wholeness and greater beauty in our fields of subtle energies. This wholeness and beauty has shown me more of the miraculous healing, including physical healing, that we are all capable of. Some people may believe it is possible for others but not for themselves, but with a little support you may realize it is possible for you too!

There are more principles I will be sharing with you, but let’s finish here for now and I will get into more depth with the first principle in the next newsletter. I hope these observations of mine will help you with both your work and personal lives. It is one of my dreams to see this work integrated into therapy and healing schools globally.