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Register for These Profoundly

Healing Workshops Today!

Come and be rejuvenated, revitalized, and renewed!

Resonate more with the integration of our energetic systems and our physical body. Heal yourself and others.

My intention for these highly experiential workshops is to help everyone attending to have a profound experience in both giving and receiving energetic hands-on healings. In my teachings we do not do the healing, rather we create an environment for healing to occur.

Through these three workshops on hands-on energetic healing, we:

  1. Communicate from soul to soul a deep caring and wanting the best for an individual, while respecting the person’s uniqueness and respecting that they are the greatest authority on their own life;
  2. Develop more sensitivity and trust while listening deeply to another’s subtle energies;
  3. Connect more to the person’s wholeness and their center – no matter where your hands are touching;
  4. Enhance our abilities to perceive and communicate with subtle energies, while concurrently helping to ANCHOR these energies;
  5. Deepen our connection to ourselves and we identify who we are more as an energetic being;
  6. Trust more that subtle energies are primary and our physical bodies are secondary;
  7. 7. Have more fun and more joy!



(Saturday, January 27 and Sunday, January 28, 2024)



Come and Experience the profound healing that occurs when we experience greater energetic FLOW while we resonate more with our DEEP CENTER.




1. Maximize the optimal flow of our energy

2. Profoundly enhance our healing effects by resonating more with our deep center while performing FLOW & DEEP CENTER hands-on healing

3. Increase coherency of our energy systems

4. Experience how we impede the flow of our healing energy within ourselves and when we touch others, allowing us to have greater flow and groundedness of our energies 

5.Give and receive healing with a more OPEN SYSTEM while resonating more with our deep center

6. Resonate more with our source energy within us

7. Create a greater two-way communication within ourselves and with others through our subtle energy systems

8. Have our light shine more freely at our optimal brightness!


There will be a self-healing movement workshop preceding this workshop on Friday, January 26, 2024 that incorporates the movement principles of Qigong, Aiki Jujutsu, and breathing coordination and how it relates to flow and our deep center.



(Saturday, March 23 and Sunday, March 24, 2024)


This workshop will focus on energetic hands-on healing to enhance the flow, balance, and integration of the subtle energies of our SPINE and DURAL TUBE. We will learn through a gentle and caring communicative touch to resonate deeply with subtle energies and help integrate Facilitated Segments (aspects of our anatomy, both energetic and physical, that relate to a segment of our spine that is in a state that is triggered or easily triggered – ‘in an emergency state’ or ‘on red alert’ are other ways to describe it) so our spines can function more as a whole. In my experience, this way of healing can profoundly enhance the joint biomechanics of our vertebral column.

I remember when, over 40 years ago while I was in physical therapy school, I was sitting in my little cubby in the Health Sciences Library at Stony Brook. I was reading an osteopathic article on the biomechanics of our spines and facilitated segments. It explained in great detail how improving our spinal biomechanics can improve blood flow and nerve flow, not just to our muscles, but also to our organs and glands. While reading this article, the ENERGY IN MY SPINE started to tingle and the intensity of these tingling sensations continued to increase! I have never felt anything like that before, and I certainly never had an experience like that while reading an article in the library.

These powerful tinglings, almost overwhelming energies, began moving up and down my spine. Actually, the energy was overwhelming! I had this awakening and super enlivening feeling that through my “manual therapies” which I was working incredibly hard to master, I could help people potentially heal their organs!

I felt amazingly alive and inspired like I was waking up more to my mission in life! It was very exciting! Go figure! All I was doing was reading some article on the anatomy and physiology of facilitated spinal segments, in my cubby, in the quiet library filled with other students studying nearby. And I had the finale of a fireworks celebration going off inside my being!

There will also be a self-healing movement workshop preceding this workshop on Friday, March 22, 2024 that incorporates the movement principles of Qigong, Aiki Jujutsu, and breathing coordination and how it relates to our spine and facilitated segments.



(Saturday, June 1 and Sunday, June 2, 2024)


The microcosmic orbit, or the lesser circulation, is made up of two central energetic channels that carry vital energy, or qi, called the conception (Ren mai) and governing (Du mai) meridians or vessels. When the microcosmic orbit is flowing well, it helps to open the greater circulation – the full MERIDIAN system that flows through our whole body which, according to Chinese medicine, significantly helps with the healing of our body, mind and soul. In my experience, our meridian system is the bridge between our physical body and our subtle energy systems. When I meet with a client, whether we connect energetically by dialoguing with each other or by doing hands-on energetic healing or both – the functioning of the microcosmic orbit informs our work together and it is my intention to have this critical energetic system functioning better by the end of every session. Helping someone clear and strengthen these pathways strongly enhances the environment for healing to occur. 


There will be a self-healing movement workshop preceding this workshop on Friday May 31, 2024 that incorporates the movement principles of Qigong, Aiki Jujutsu, and breathing coordination and how it relates to our microcosmic orbit. 

To register, email Robert Jokel ([email protected]) – and briefly describe your experience with energetic and process work, and share why you want to take this/these workshop(s).

The fee for each Saturday-Sunday workshop is $750. (The workshops have limited attendance.)

If you register before December 25, 2023 for all 3 weekend workshops the fee is $1995.

To take ENERGY HANDS-ON HEALING PART 2 or 3 you must have completed ENERGY HANDS-ON HEALING PART 1 as a prerequisite or have special permission from Robert Jokel. 

The fee for the movement workshops that occur on the Friday preceding each healing weekend is $295 each. If you register for all 3 before December 25, 2023, the fee is $750.

The Friday movement workshops are highly recommended as they are uniquely designed to specifically support the teachings for each individual workshop. They are not required in order to register for the weekend workshops.


  • Saturdays are 10 AM to 1:30 PM – Lunch break – 2:45 PM to 5:30 PM – Dinner break – 6:45 PM to 8:15 PM
  • Sundays are 10 AM to 1 PM – Lunch break – 2:15 PM to 5:15 PM
  • Fridays are 10 AM to 1 PM – Lunch break- 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM

Location: Mahopac, NY

If you feel called to attend, whether it is to enhance your personal or professional journey here on this earth – or you are interested in healing yourself and/or facilitating healing in others – I hope you will listen to that calling and join us! Beginners, as well as advanced practitioners, are welcome!

I feel grateful and blessed to have these methods to share with you. I have taken decades of study and experience in the healing arts and simplified it, while keeping the pure essence and its effectiveness. I love hearing stories from people who have participated in these workshops – how they have received significant healing from these workshops and also down the road, I hear from them how they are continuing to use this work to heal and to help others. Also, from those health professionals I have taught, that their work has been enhanced. I also love hearing how deepening our connection to our subtle energies enhances people’s creative expression.

I hope to see you soon!

Blessings and love,