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See LifeForce ImmunoTherapy (LFIT) in Action!

  • Both women were diagnosed with lung cancer.
  • Both women were fully engaged in their own healing process using LFIT.
  • Both women combined LFIT with their oncological treatment.
  • See oncologists and LFIT working together to maximize results.
Watch to see their results!

Immune to Cancer: Bringing the full strength of your immune system to the aid of your medical program

An upcoming self-help documentary film directed and produced by Robert Jokel.

Courageous woman overcomes aggressive breast cancer

I am sharing with you you a link to a video of Fiona, who was a client of mine several years ago.

She had aggressive breast cancer and did very well combining LFIT (LifeForce ImmunoTherapy) with her Oncological treatment.

Watch to see the results!