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Using the Right MIND To assist you in manifesting your dreams.

If you are interested in, or are already on, the path to discovering your one-of-a-kind, unique self…

If you are interested in living more fully, with more meaning, purpose, and passion…

If you are curious about creating a vision for your life that is in harmony with who you are – as a unique one-of-a-kind human being…

And if you are interested in the influence that your thinking has on manifesting these dreams.

You may find it of great value, as I have, to experience how our thoughts affect our ability to manifest the life we want, and even more importantly which MIND we are using that is creating these thoughts.

WHEN: Saturday, March 14, from 2:30 PM to 5:00 PM

WHERE: Near Columbus Circle, NYC

COST: $75.00

I find it useful to describe two minds:



  • Highly Creative
  • Open to Adventures
  • Naturally Resonates with Universal-Mind/Source/God)


  • Best used to manage details
  • Figures out concrete steps to complete a goal
  • Creates isolation when it takes on the leadership role in our lives and constructs numerous obstacles to forward movement in the name of safety and protection.

COME AND EXPERIENCE through movement, writing, and subtle energy exercises and demonstrations, THE DIFFERENCE between CREATING and LIVING the LIFE YOU LOVE MORE by USING THE BIG MIND, which works in partnership with the universe, and USING THE SMALL MIND, which creates isolation from the universe.

If you are a health professional, this may be of special interest to you as we know from IIST (Integrative Immune Strengthening Therapy) and the work of Dr. Larry LeShan, Dr. Bernie Seigel, Carl Simonton, etc. that living life more fully is perhaps the most powerful thing you can do to mobilize your immune system, maximize your health, and possibly even help you to overcome illness.*

*Note: if you are physically or mentally ill, this work does not replace your medical treatment.