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The Driver and the Vehicle

The Driver and the Vehicle: Radically boost immune function through LFIT

Come and learn how to communicate with your clients “soul to soul”, “driver to driver”, and learn to deepen aura-to-aura interactions to include the soul.

I have developed a workshop that will give you the opportunity to experience these different paradigms within your self while working with others.

This is crucial as this work cannot be taught primarily on an intellectual level, as that does not give you the experience you need to resonate with soul.

Not only is this class designed for you to learn how to help others to heal, it is designed to be deeply healing for yourself as well.

Learn to increase your effectiveness in helping those with serious illnesses – such as cancer, chronic pain, and chronic illness – to strengthen their immune system and heal themselves.

“I want to thank you for that fascinating Method you shared with us. On the first day I began to work here I had a challenging patient, 30 years old with metastasizes. She was working hard and she was a tough woman who was resistant to my way of therapy. But by your method she found out what she needs to do for herself and for her life in 20 minutes. And the system also worked fantastically for two other hard cases.”

Cuneyt Tugrul, M.D., Surgeon General (specialist in breast cancer surgery with exceptional long-term survival statistics), author of How to Co-Operate with Patients? A new approach to doctor-patient communications, Izmir, Turkey

I have found it helpful when working with clients to see the client as both the driver of a vehicle and the vehicle as well.

What we see as the vehicle, in terms of your energy field/consciousness, is actually your auric field.

What is your auric field?

To keep it simple: It is the aspect of your energy field that resonates with:

  1. etheric body … relates to your physical body
  2. emotional body … relates to your emotions
  3. mental body … relates to your thoughts
  4. relational body … how you relate to others
  5. spiritual body … relates to higher vibrations

The auric field is the vehicle that we use to relate to others, to self, to “god”, and to our environment.

When we focus on “blocked energy” we are focusing on the auric field.

When we focus on releasing “blocked energy” we are focusing on the auric field.

When we focus on what is wrong with ourselves or others or our clients, we are focusing on our auric field.

When we are focusing on “trauma” we are focusing on the auric field.

Remember the auric field is the vehicle and the driver of the vehicle is our “soul”.

If we want to focus on the wholeness of the person we must focus on the driver of the vehicle as well as the vehicle.

This is very difficult to do in practice.

Clients come in wanting to know what is wrong with them and what you can do to help them to fix it.

We are trained as health professionals to diagnose or evaluate what is wrong, and then trained with a variety of tools to fix it.

We are trained to work with the vehicle. We are not often trained to work with the driver and the vehicle.

If we were, we could discern when it is best to focus our work primarily with the driver and when it is best to focus primarily on the vehicle and when to focus on both.

Many clients from the past immediately come into my mind as examples. Let me share one such story with you.

A woman was in debilitating chronic pain and fatigue for a couple of years. She had been to many excellent health practitioners to help her to “fix” this problem with chiropractic, physical therapy, osteopathic, massage, and medications.

I could feel the “PULL” from her to be the one that would be her savior by having the technique that would actually “fix” her and help her to heal.

It was palpable from her, that if only I could really get down to what was truly wrong … to the hidden cause that no one else could find so far … we could fix this thing. After all, I was highly recommended as the one who regularly helps people that no one else helps … so surely I would be the one to “rescue” her from this bottomless pit of despair.

I had the strong sense that the “answer” here was to be found in the driver of the vehicle and not the vehicle itself. I also trusted in the health practitioners that she had seen previously. If the problem was in the “aura” she would have been “fixed” already.

At this point, most of her time and energy was spent looking for a “cure” and she had completely lost her way as “no one” was driving the vehicle. The vehicle was being driven by pain and despair … and fear. Pain, despair, and fear were guiding her steering wheel.

So, I began to ask her questions to help her get in touch with her driver.

She was quite challenged by this approach at first and certainly tried to redirect her answers for a bit, back into the “what’s wrong with me … and the unspoken demand to be fixed” model of working.

In my dialogue with her I asked,

“What would you do if all of your pain was completely gone and you were completely healed physically?”

Asking this  question helps me to access the driver and helps her to remember and connect to her true path in life.

If the therapist asks this question from their vehicle (the aura/mental body) as opposed to being centered in their own driver (soul), it will not provide the SPACE for the client’s soul to emerge.

As we continued to dialogue, eventually I really started to get to know the driver.

What she was built for.

She began to find and express her true voice.

Her creativity and her genius began to emerge.

She began to light up and that dark cloud lifted.

We looked to anchor this work by helping her to come up with the first concrete steps she would take if the “driver” stayed in charge of her life moving forward.

At some point she realized that while she was talking, her pain was completely gone.

Now, I must tell you that it didn’t go as easily as this may sound to you reading this.

It was quite intense for her to switch “paradigms” and I could feel her trying so hard to steer the session back into her “comfort zone” of a problem/pathological-oriented approach and away from having her “soul” or “driver” take charge and getting her back on the path in life that she was built for. Where she would begin again to listen to her inner voice … to listen to her gut and her heart and to her soul.

This is why it is crucial for you, as the practitioner, to free yourself from solely aura-to-aura interactions.

Aura-to-aura interactions create collusion to stay focused on the, “find out what is wrong with me and fix it” paradigm.

I have designed this workshop to help you to differentiate which paradigm will be most beneficial for your client.

Many of you that know me, know that a good deal of my private practice is working with people with late stage cancers. Working intensely with the “driver” as well as the “vehicle” is what we have found helps our clients to really boost their immune system and radically change their chances for long term survival. We call this work IIST (integrative immune strengthening therapy).

Now there are cases that working with the vehicle needs to be the treatment of choice as well and making your primary focus on the driver would be an error. Here is one of these situations.

I have seen people with cancer who have such low sodium values that I was amazed they were still alive.

It is much better in these cases to educate the individual about what they might do nutritionally to raise these values overnight than it is to focus on the driver.

Thank you for spending the time and energy to read this,

Hope this information was useful to you, and for those called, I hope to meet you in my workshop,