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Own Your Life!

Workshop with Robert Jokel
Saturday, April 13, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM and
Sunday, April 14, 2019 from 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Where: Mahopac, NY
Cost: $395
Why am I so excited about this workshop? 
Because, when you OWN your NEEDS…you pretty much magically create more freedom and more choices.
Most of us respond to challenges with habitual emotions.
Some of us get angry … some get sad … some get anxious and fearful … etc.
And we usually have the same underlying NEEDS that DRIVE us.
Some people NEED to be respected or to feel significant.
Some people NEED to feel safe and secure.
Some people NEED to feel love and connection, etc.
Think about it? Which set of emotions do you usually trend towards; which NEED drives you the most?
What if we could explore or experiment with what it would be like to respond with a different set of emotions…or if we could try on for size what it would be like to be DRIVEN by different needs…like the need to Contribute and be in service to others or the need to love and be loved?
What if what DRIVES us were in ALIGNMENT with what we VALUE most???
How would our lives change?
This workshop is designed to help you experiment and “try on” different NEEDS, EMOTIONS, VALUES.
I imagine this workshop to be fun, poignant, and filled with lots of laughter as we “try on” other world views.
Because our world view is comprised of our NEEDS, our EMOTIONS, our VALUES, our BELIEFS, and the “stories” we tell ourselves.
In my experience understanding our world view helps us to create transformational change.
Can you say TELOS?
Hope to see you at the workshop!
Warmly, Rob

“The unfulfilled NEED drives us” –Stephen Covey

In my experience working successfully for over 40 years with people that were considered incurable, and also with my own personal growth, I have found that our “RELATIONSHIP to our NEEDS” actually determines our ability to fulfill our needs. And that the level to which we are able to fulfill our own needs determines how fulfilled we will experience our lives to be.

Many of you know that I specialize in coaching people with later stage cancers and autoimmune illnesses to heal themselves. The Central Key to my work is helping people to increase their LifeForce Energy by more fully fulfilling their unique NEEDS and thus maximizing their immune function. This work mobilizes our intrinsic self-healing mechanisms that promote physical healing.
You do not need to have cancer, or an autoimmune illness, or chronic pain, or any physical illness to benefit from this work. This work is about personal transformation. It is about upgrading our lives. That this work often improves our physical health, even when it is considered impossible, demonstrates to me that this method of self-healing and personal transformation is both effective and grounded.
How do we determine what our true NEEDS are?
How do we improve our relationship with our own needs?
What is despair, why is it often so important to explore, and how can knowing our despair open us to profoundly heal and transform our lives?
This is what this workshop is about!
I have structured this experiential workshop integrating our NEEDS with the human energy systems (chakras, central channel, core, soul).
Do you have dreams…desires…a deep longing in your soul for more?
Come and Experience the greater sense of freedom, fulfillment, and joy that comes from being truer and more intimate with ourselves and from owning our own needs.
Also highly recommended for coaches, therapists, energy healers, and other health care providers.